Wednesday, 25 June 2008

More African Soundz!

This time we start with a sort of Continental anthem all the way from Kenya, then you get more from Ghana and Nigeria, the unmistakable Ethiopian sounds of Mulatu Astaqé (also found with different spelling...) and others and one I'm not too sure where they came from.
One of the most entertaining tracks here comes from Zaire (that's how The Democratic Republic of the Congo was called at the time of this recording) and it's perhaps one of the most African sounding...clocking at over 12 mins I love the way it changes around the middle to then go back to its initial groove.
Dig it!
01 Steele Beautttah Africa KENYA
02 Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders New Apala Afro NIGERIA
03 The Ogyatanaa Show Band Ageisheka GHANA
04 Christy Azuma and Uppers International Naam GHANA
05.Dionisio Rocha Lemba ANGOLA
06. Bahta Gebre Heywet Gizie ETHIOPIA
08.The Uhuru Dance Band Agbadza GHANA
09.Uppers Chapter 2 Samarin Bolga GHANA
10.Dackin Dackino Yuda ZAIRE
11.Sorry Mamba Porry
12.Mulatu Astaqé Yègellé Tezeta ETHIOPIA


Anonymous said...

.. imagino che conosci, (?) un blog veramente fantasico con tanta musica africana rarissima, un vero lavoro da archeologo musicale....

un salutone


aldo said...

Sí! infatti l'unico commento sul mio 1º african post a cui mi riferivo nel post anteriore era stato proprio il tuo, segnalandomi quel blog!

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