Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tages! Tages! Tages!

I first posted Tages in May, then Shareonall died and with it that link.
Here are those songs plus 12 more, adding a bunch of earlier tracks, like both sides of their 2nd single, a personal favourite and one that I got cheap in a shop in Gothenburg about 15 years ago together with a couple more...
As mentioned in the previous post, this very prolific band also recorded several R&B and Soul covers and even a couple of Small Faces numbers among others, but their real genius is found in their own compositions.
This one is for Delinquent.
Enjoy it!
Thirty of the very best by Tages:!Tages!Tages!.rar

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Venezuela A-Gó-Gó !!! Beat & Psych 1966-1969

This is another 30 track homemade comp dedicated to South American groups of the 60s (also check my previous posts on Chile and Colombia).
Venezuela is probably one of the least known countries in South America when it comes to 60s Beat music and not for lack of groups…in fact there were several bands already recording in the early 60s,like Los Supersonicos, Los Dangers, Los 007 and many more!
Far from being the final word on the subject, what you find is a collection of some of the best tracks from albums released mostly between 1966 and 1968.
Here you get several tracks by the Impala (yes, without a final “s”) one of the most popular and a very prolific band, showing a strong Beatles influence in a couple of their earliest tracks and a more Soul and even Psychedelic one in some of the later recordings.It is arguably the best band to have come out of Venezuela in the 60s with many albums spanning the whole decade; they also spent some time in Spain where some of the tracks here included were recorded.
Their “Impala Syndrome” LP from 1969 was reissued on vinyl few years ago and shows them updating their sound, though their peak was during 1966-67.
Another band that issued several LPs were Los Darts, here with tracks from 1967-68...
The Memphis self-titled album from 1967 is one of the best of those I heard, here are few songs plus one from later on.
Even earlier it's an album by Homer & The Don'ts, released in 1966 but recorded in late Summer 1965. They were mostly Americans and their Lp, titled "Shindig" has some Stones covers and few slow originals, the exception being "Wasting my time".
Los Claners tracks are from their 1966 album, a very Turtle-ish, folk-rock affair with a very typical "youngsters against the old world" theme...
Also included are The Six that had an enjoyable Soul-ish album in 1968, here represented with a couple of more garagey numbers. One of my favourite track is "I've had my dose" by Los Holidays that also recorded few albums. The two great tracks here are from their 3rd album, by then they added a Dutchman on guitar to their already international line-up that included 1 Italian and 1 Hungarian besides two Venezuelans.
There were lots more bands and perhaps one day, somebody will decide to properly issue a decent compilation, there's enough for a double CD!
By the end of the decade some of those early groups were more and more out of step, sometimes due to lack of vision and pressure from record labels…and new groups were forming.
In recent years albums by Love Depression and Ladies W.C. were reissued.
The latter in particular is a great record worth investigating, blues based but very psychedelic, while the former is almost entirely made up of covers with Hendrix being the main influence but also with a great deal of Soul numbers.
This post is dedicated to the people at Sesentosos a forum from where most of the tracks here were taken.

01 Homer and The Dont's Wasting My Time
02 Los Claners Abrázame para amarme
03 Los Impala Una Terrible Enfermedad
04 Los Supersónicos No me niegues tu amor
05 Los Holiday's Don't tell me
06 Los Memphis Llora por mi
07 Los Darts Situación Peculiar
09 Los Holiday's I've had my Dose
08 LosDarts Sonrie otra Vez
10 Los Impala I don't care
11 Los Memphis You make me happy all the time
12 The Pets Hello, I Love You
13 Los Impala No hago mas que llorar
14 The Six Fuego y Humo
15 Junior Squad Conoceme
16 Los Impala En la playa
17 Los Memphis Mujer olvidada
18 Los Claners Gente joven
19 Homer & The Don'ts Homer Don't
20 Los Impala Yo te ví
21 Los Claners Gitana
22 Los Memphis Por una razon
23 The Six No juego
24 Los Impala Taxi
25 Los Memphis Como la puedo dejar
26 Los Impala Las nubes
27 Los Darts De qué me sirve
28 Los Impala Flores
29 Los Claners No debí decir
30 Los Memphis Cielo A-GÓ-GÓ.rar
or (NEW LINK!)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The KINGS of Italian Beat!

Their greatest song, the crunching, very Kinks-like "Trovane un altro" is rightly recognized by many as one of the best examples of know what I mean.
It's also pretty much all that is known by this group from the northern city of Verona. Often foreigners and Italians alike have wondered about the rest of their recorded output...well, here it is!
The band had started really early on and as Dino e I Kings released a couple of singles before they went their separate ways, Dino as a successful and more commercial singer while I Kings found in Renato Bernuzzi a singer that would stir them towards more Beat and R&B stuff and would look very different with his long hair and beard, giving the band that garage look too!
It was 1965 and the new line-up also included American Andy De Bruyn on bass, by then they had moved from RCA to a smaller label Durium.

Their only album, I KINGS (1966) features a couple of numbers by the Zombies and the Stones and no less than 3 Dylan covers. There is also a cover of We Five's "You were on my mind", that the band recorded before the most famous version by the EQUIPE 84, but were not allowed to release it as their next single..."Io ho in mente te" as done by the EQUIPE 84 would become a major hit.
The LP included all of their four 45s up to then apart from the B-side of the last one.
That one plus the last two singles are included here.
True, there is nothing as wild as "Trovane un altro" but there are some great tunes to be found, more in a folk-rock vein.
Photobucket Beat Italiano.rar
1 Bambina non sono io
2 La bussola
3 Trovane un altro
4 Fai quello che vuoi
5 Sei stata tu
6 If you gotta go, go now
7 La risposta
8 1-2-3
9 Sei solo tu
10 Tu non puoi
11 Io ho in mente te
12 Ma non é giusto
Bonus tracks,
13 L'uomo di ieri
14 Cerca
15 Dedicato alla mia ragazza
16 Lasciati portare via
17 Caffé amaro

Singles Discography (all 1966, except the first one from 1965):
1 Fai quello che vuoi/ Ma non é giusto
2 Bambina non sono io / Trovane un altro
3 1-2-3 / La risposta
4 Tu non puoi / L’uomo di ieri
5 Cerca / Dedicato alla mia ragazza
6 Lasciati portare via / Caffé amaro
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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wonderful Hungarian 60s Sounds:ILLES RE-UPLOADED!

Here are ILLES best records,"NEHEZ AZ UT" and "ILLESEK ES POFONOK", their second and third album plus a bunch of bonus tracks originally released as singles during 1968-1969. Plenty of great and very original tunes on both LPs, still many of my favourites were only issued as 45s.
One of their greatest track and I imagine being a hit in Hungary is "Igen" from 1966.
I included that and 9 more songs from 1965-1967 in a new link.
You can hear the band finding their own sound and really coming together by the time they recorded "Igen" and the following ones.
Check it out and do leave comments.
See the original posts for more info.
Also still available their first album posted back in March... '68.rar '69.rar

NEW LINK!!! singles 65 67.rar
Tracklist SINGLES Comp 1965-1967:
01 Az Utcan
02 Uzenet Eddynek
03 Kulonos Lany
04 Itt allok egymagam
05 Mindig veled
06 Igen
07 Nyari mese
08 Nem volt soha senkim
09 Kis virag
10 Nem erdekel, amit mondsz

Hope Hungarians will forgive me for not putting the various accents on the above titles...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Here are KOOBAS once again...somebody was asking for "Magic potion" but as mentioned in the original post, that and a couple more I don't have...anybody wishing to fill the gaps?
This time, though, I also included their album from 1969.
Photobucket 1964-1968.rar
CHECK NEW POST AND NEW LINK !!!(Nov. 2008) LP 1969.rar
One more re-post, my homemade comp "FLOWERS ARE FLOWERING". Beat Sike.rar

Enjoy it!