Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Love Makes Sweet Music!

A Trip on the Dear Old Soft Machine...
One of my very favourite bands here Live at the BBC in December 1967 (tracks 3-7).
It is a wonderful performance with the first couple of songs by Kevin Ayers, both great and both never issued on the Softs records.
Their first single (tracks 1 & 2) was released in February 1967 by the four piece band, with the great Robert Wyatt on spectacular drums and unique vocals, Mike Ratledge on keyboards, Kevin on bass and vocals and Australian Daevid Allen later of Gong on guitar. Both songs were written by Kevin Ayers. I always loved his stuff with The Soft Machine and obviously once he was gone it was a different story, I love their second album and even "Third" but from then on it's not really my cup of tea...Kevin Ayers would re-record several songs from this period for his solo albums but they will never sound as good!
Also recorded when they were still four are tracks 9-17, those have appeared several times over the years, they were demos recorded in April 1967 soon after their debut single . Over the next few months they recorded a bunch of songs for projected new singles like the different take of "She's gone" from a July 1967 session (track 08).
The last song on this post is the 45 version of another great Kevin Ayers composition that was on their debut album "Why are we sleeping".
Kevin left after the Softs first fantastic album and was replaced by Hugh Hopper that together with Wyatt and Ratledge went on to record a lot more stuff and appear in the bonus tracks...but what exactly is a dream and what exactly is a joke?
01 Love makes sweet music
02 Feelin reelin squeelin
03 Clarence in Wonderland
04 We know what you mean
05 A certain kind
06 Hope for happiness
07 Strangest scene (AKA Lullaby letter)
08 She's gone (45 version)
09 That's how much i need you now
10 Save yourself
11 I should've known
12 I'm so low (Jet propelled Photographs)
13 When i don't wan't you
14 Memories
15 You don't remenber
16 She's gone
17 I'd rather be with you
18 Why Are We Sleeping
Bonus tracks!


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Siempre me gustaron mucho los primeros años de la maquina, tengo q confesar que a partir del album third, el vuelco radical hacia lo instrumental y mas experimental de la banda no me convencio mucho (poco y nada)como vos decis Aldo...no es mi "cup of tea"... pero en fin... el Vol 1 y 2 ... uff...fueron de mis primeros vinilos a la hora de elegir los pilares a seguir cdo empezaba a coleccionar material alla por el 97...
Aca tengo unas grabaciones previas a la epoca Vol 1.
aca esta el link de esas grabaciones

Anonymous said...

... ed insieme a Arnold Lane dei PF e Devil's Grip di Arthur Brown questo é uno dei primissimi dischi di Pychedelia inglese... vorrei tanto avere un video / soundtrack del loro spettacolo a Parigi "Desire atrappé par le queue" (allestito da P Picasso) con una versione 30' di We Did It Again.. é possibile che non si trova da nessuna parte...?


aldo said...

Hola Pablo,
sí recuerdo de haber visto tu post y quizas fue mi primer comentario en tu blog...y bueno aquí hay lo mismo (tracks 9-17) más otras cosas...
anche a me piacerebbe vedere quella mitica apparizione dei Softs..hai visto in ogni caso che su youtube ci sono varie cose loro dei primissimi tempi, incluso a colori!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for the music friend.

Hasse said...

Many thanks for the music! Please tell me is this an 'official' compilation or compiled by you? Then, if official, what is its title and year of release?

aldo said...

while everything here is available in different records, Yes, I put this together.
Did you listen to the bonus tracks?

Boss the Nagger said...

A nice looking compilation but the file link is gone dead as that upload site has folded up. Is it possible to post it to somewhere else? Or could you please share the track sources so we may make our own?

aluchipawa said...

This compilation looks sweet, but the link is now dead :( would you mind re-upping it? Many Thanks!

aldo said...


have a better look at this blog and you'll see that most of the files deleted by shareonall were re-posted using mediafire...
have a look at Aug 2008 posts...

reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Hello! Thanks so much for this. I actually like the Hugh Hopper machine best, but I'm warming up to the earlier stuff, slowly. Cool bonus tracks, too. About a hundred years ago I read a rumor that it's actually not Barrett on the Ayers 45, but someone imitating him after he either failed to show or was in no condition when he did. The guitar is really great either way. I also downloaded the South American compilations and am looking forward to them. Lovingly put together, no doubt. THANKS for taking the time. If you're really bored, check out two singles comps I posted at Lucky Psychic Hut. One is my favorites from the 15 or so Prae-Kraut compilations of German garage bands. Second is an almost complete singles comp of a 70s band from Guinea called Balla et ses Balladins. Latin and indigenous rhythms, with an amazing guitarist who moves from surf to psychedelic to traditional and back. Speaking of 45s, any chance of a reup on the Hollies 45s? PS - I know how frustrating it is to not receive comments. My average seems to be 1 comment for every 50 downloads...

aldo said...

Hi reservatory,
many thanks for your comment.
about Syd's involvement I know what you mean and certainly over the years all kind of rumours were spread.
on the CD reissue of "Joy of a Toy", Ayers first solo LP, there are different versions of "Singing a song in the morning" AND the one included here WITH Syd.
I'm a huge fan of the Pre-Kraut series and bought most of them when they came out...vol.16 & 17 are found as downloads (not for sale)here:

I'm no longer regularly connected at home, but I'd imagine you can find Hollies stuff elsewhere.
I'll look into your blog.