Monday, 21 July 2008

Colombia A-Gó-Gó!!! Garage Beat 1966-1967

My very first post was about the Chilean 60s and I had been thinking of following it with more South American Garage Beat for some time.
Over the years we discovered more and more things from this huge and diverse continent and in some cases we are talking about true gems (Los Vidrios Quebrados for me!).
It is also true though that too many albums were packed with covers and often badly done or simply bad choices due to record companies pressure or other reasons...
Colombia had some fine bands, plenty of covers but generally well executed and with some original or different arrangements.
One of the most prolific bands were The Speakers, pictured above, with 5 albums between 1966 and 1968, their third being my favourite.
Los Yetis also recorded a lot, with 4 albums under their belt.
They didn't come from the capital, Bogotá, like all the rest but came from Medellín and did some cool originals. The first picture of this post shows them as a bunch of cool, don't-mess-with-us, garage band.
Los Ampex, above, did mainly covers and some very interesting ones, here you can hear them doing The Byrds "Why" and amazingly, "Russian spy and I" by Dutch band The Hunters .
The strangely named Walflower Complextion were actually Yankees that lived in Colombia and released a couple of cool albums full of covers by the Stones and the likes and a few original tracks, I love their "Sapphire".
One of my very favourite albums is "Psicodelicias" by The Flippers that I discovered thanks to a European vinyl reissue of some years ago. I couldn't believe my ears when I first played it, a great collection of cool covers played with lots of energy and how many bands in South America (or the world!) were so hip to cover the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band?
So here it is, a 30 track collection of some of very the best, there are several blogs where you can find some of the original albums (fillers and all!)and I would particularly recommend "En busca del tiempo perdido" for all things South American, see my cool links.
01 AMPEX Me tienes
03 SPEAKERS Glendora
04 YETIS Ya no te aguanto mas
05 FLIPPERS Don't Mince Matter
06 AMPEX Russian spy & I
06 YOUNG BEATS Not fade away
07 FLIPPERS Los Cuervos Estan De Luto
08 YETIS Me siento loco
09 WALFLOWER COMPLEXTION Open up your door
10 FLIPPERS Shifting sands
11 AMPEX Por qué te vas (Why)
12 YETIS Sabes cuanto te quiero
13 SPEAKERS Tu eres gente que no encuentra nunca quien te quiera
14 AMPEX Mala reputación
15 FLIPPERS Flipprotesta
16 YETIS Llegaron los peluqueros
17 AMPEX El melenudo
18 YETIS Despierta Lorenzo
20 YETIS Amor sideral
21 FLIPPERS Mickey's Monkey
22 AMPEX Perro lanudo
23 YETIS Es lupe
26 AMPEX Paint it black
27 SPEAKERS Vete ya
28 FLIPPERS Demuestramelo Baby
29 YOUNG BEATS Baby please don't go
30 FLIPPERS Last night

Monday, 14 July 2008

Stop! Stop! Stop! The Hollies live on German TV!

Without a doubt a very successful band at home they didn't enjoy the same success in the USA but were among the top groups in some European countries like Sweden and Germany.
The Hollies on Beat Club 1966

Here are a couple of great live appearances from two different German shows.
The first one is from "Beat Club" 1966 and the band performs "Look through any window", "Very last day" and "I can't let go".
The Hollies on Beat Beat Beat 1967

The second is from "Beat Beat Beat" 1967 and they start with "On a carousel" followed by "Bus Stop" and "Stop stop stop".
This is The Hollies at their very best a band that's not always given the right recognition by some but they were absolutely magical with a knack for very catchy melodies and able to reproduce their vocal harmonies on the live stage just as well as on the records.
They put several albums and singles out, and of course with so much stuff being released not everything is great but almost!
Despite the odd weak track here and there I strongly recommend their self-titled 1965 LP and those released in the following two years: "Would you believe" and "For Certain Because" from 1966, "Evolution" and "Butterfly" from 1967.
Meanwhile here are as a taster those 10 UK 45s between 1965-1967 with some great B-sides that never made it onto the official UK LPs, "King Midas in reverse" being a personal fave of mine among those.
Hope you enjoy it!

Those Kinks...Live and Wild on TV!

While we often look for undiscovered or forgotten bands, lost masterpieces and so forth, a lot of the times after the initial excitement we are left with some records that we won't go back to in a hurry...what am I going to listen to now?
But of course: The Kinks!
I don't need to be in any particular mood, give me The Kinks ANYTIME!
I wanted to post a couple of clips a while ago and since I've noticed The Kinks in few blogs lately here they are!
My little tribute to one of the greatest bands ever!
There are many great clips, like their "Beat Beat Beat" appearance in Germany, several ones from US and UK TV and many more that were shown at the time in the different European countries.
The Kinks Live & Wild, 1964!!!

Here are The Kinks going mental in 1964 on "The Beat Room", it must be one of their wildest TV appearances ever, also a nice live take of "Milkcow Blues" from US TV show "Shindig" with Dave Davies on lead vocals.
The Kinks Live on Shindig 1965!