Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Africa...Oh Africa!

Lately I noticed few bloggers complaining about not receiving enough comments...
Back in February I posted one of three African comps I had made for my sister, promising more if people enjoyed it...I never received any comments whatsoever (hold on! One positive comment but under a different post...) but do you know what?
It's probably the other way round...the less comments you find the more people liked the music!
I'm only kidding, but after a quick look I noticed how the number of people who downloaded my African comp was almost double when compared to most of my other posts.
Conclusions: I'd love to hear from somebody who liked it but I couldn't care less if you can't be bothered...meanwhile here is another African comp with artists coming from NIGERIA, GHANA, ANGOLA, ETHIOPIA and others also featuring early stuff by Fela Kuti, once again this is for "beginners" if you're a fan of this stuff you'll know all or most of it...
01.Fela Kuti Laise Lairo
02.Fela Kuti Omuti Tide
03.The Black Star Sound Nite Safari
04.Ngoma Jazz Belita Kiri-kiri
05.Alemayehu Eshete Honey Baby
06.Fela Kuti Highlife Time
07.Ayalew Mesfin Hasabe
08.Fela Kuti Ololufe Mi
09.Kalle & L'Africa Team De Paris Africa Boogaloo
10.Kale with Orchestre OK Jazz Tika Nedeka No Te
11.Jimi Solanke Eje Kajo
12.Fela Kuti Wadele Wa Rohin
13.Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders Home sweet home
14.Alemayehu Eshete Ayalqem Tedengo
15.Pedrito Ngalenga Kubata
16.Gambuzinos Kalumba
Hope you dig it as much as the first one!


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Si asi ... por ahi parece que mientras mas gusta la musica...menos comentarios hay...yo ya trato de no enojarme mas...simplemente he adoptado la posicion de casi desaparecer de los mundos de los blogs...solo dedicarle al mio...y visitar a los de gente que considero amigos y q valen la pena, como este.
NO he escuchado este compilado, a ser sincero no me llama mucho la atencion la musica africana x lo poco q he escuchado, ya te dare mi opinion +tarde.
Si...el poste de SMach me empujo un poco a postear el disquito de mi blog.
Saludos Colega

JJ JOHN said...

Ola' Aldo, cosa dici sono degno di entrare nei toui Cool Links?
Abbraccio da Milano.


DefChef said...

Damn...I'm a little late to the game, apparently. I love the diversity of yr posts, and after seeing "Last King of Scotland" I really wanna check out some African funk, and thought I'd found the perfect intro here. But it seems like all yr links are dead. Any chance of reposting some?

Flip said...

acabo de Descubrir esta pagina y me llamo la atencion una buena musica Africana.. me considero fanatico de algunos grupos (FELA KUTI)-- lo malo es que el link ya no estaba.. si pudieras volver a Subir la recopilacion de OH AFRICA te lo Agradeceria