Monday, 14 July 2008

Those Kinks...Live and Wild on TV!

While we often look for undiscovered or forgotten bands, lost masterpieces and so forth, a lot of the times after the initial excitement we are left with some records that we won't go back to in a hurry...what am I going to listen to now?
But of course: The Kinks!
I don't need to be in any particular mood, give me The Kinks ANYTIME!
I wanted to post a couple of clips a while ago and since I've noticed The Kinks in few blogs lately here they are!
My little tribute to one of the greatest bands ever!
There are many great clips, like their "Beat Beat Beat" appearance in Germany, several ones from US and UK TV and many more that were shown at the time in the different European countries.
The Kinks Live & Wild, 1964!!!

Here are The Kinks going mental in 1964 on "The Beat Room", it must be one of their wildest TV appearances ever, also a nice live take of "Milkcow Blues" from US TV show "Shindig" with Dave Davies on lead vocals.
The Kinks Live on Shindig 1965!


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Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said... ... la verdad que todo lugar/tiempo/momento es el adecuado para escuchar los Kinks.
Yo particularmente les tengo un aprecio muy particular...los voy a llevar siempre conmigo.
desde las garageadas tempraneras hasta que se tornaron mas heavy en los 80s...
siempre destacando que la banda no se volco en la psicodelia en los años dorados de la misma. Davies & co siempre continuaron escribiendo acerca de emociones simples... la vida en el Reino Unido, lugares de Inglaterra...


saludos Aldo
gran eleccion