Saturday, 1 November 2008

Kenny & The Kasuals: Teen Dreams

Texas had without any doubt a great number of fine and very original bands during the 60s,with The 13th Floor Elevators at the very top of the list of course, followed by almost forgotten groups that recorded whole albums like the great Golden Dawn, Lost & Found or the positively weird Red Crayola. There were also many garage bands that have appeared in countless comps since the early 80s.
Kenny & The Kasuals started early and until they split up in 1968 recorded 7 singles and a rare album supposedly live but actually made up of studio recordings, basically all covers, with crowd noises added and released as "Impact - Live at the Studio Club" in 1967.
I found it odd that there isn't yet a proper definitive collection of their work as they would deserve. French label Eva released a couple of albums gathering all their recordings including outtakes around 1983-'84, then reissued in one CD and I just read that there's a brand new authorized comp on vinyl only, certainly a must buy!
Kenny & The Kasuals reformed in 1977 and back then "Teen Dreams" was released...a kind of unreleased second album but in fact a brilliant collection of 1966-1967 original recordings (1 cover) that plays really well as an album, including among others the fantastic "Journey to Tyme", fuzz bass and all.There are many great garage-psych tunes from beginning to end.
Had it been released 10 years earlier it would be considered an all-time classic!
Judge it by yourself.
01 See Saw Ride
02 Strings Of Time
03 Things Gettin Better
04 As I Know
05 Everything seems fine
06 Come tomorrow
07 Revelations
08 Raindrops to teardrops
09 I'm gonna make it
10 And there you were
11 Come on kid
12 Can't keep from crying
13 Who stole my house
14 Journey to Tyme
Photobucket & the kasuals - teen dreams.rar


IR said...

file is set to private???

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, is this a mistake of some sort? I've wanted this album for awhile, I would be very grateful if this can be sorted out...

aldo said...

Funny how there was no comment until it worked...
The link has been fixed the way.

IR said...

Thank you very much aldo ! Great Blog!

wkc said...

Just discovered your blog. I look forward to hearing this one. Thank you for your time and generosity

Anonymous said...

So Aldo, are you licensed to ditribute that album?

aldo said...

Hi Anonymous (Monte Krause?),

if by "that album" you mean the newest comp the answer is not.
or in fact what's here...if anyone has a problem with this being available in my blog i can easily take it off.
Any serious fan of the band or for that matter those that might have just heard them perhaps through this blog should buy the latest release!
check this link for it:

Jay said...