Friday, 14 November 2008

A Taste of Dutch part 2: DRAGONFLY Special!

This is an amazing band that released only a couple of singles 40 years ago, possibly the first one came out late 1967 but in most places the date shown is 1968.
Nevermind because all sides are fantastic!
I loved these tracks since the first time I heard them and they have appeared in compilations during the last 25 years or so.
Few years ago the Op-Art label reissued several Dutch 60s singles and in the case of Dragonfly an EP that gathered their 4 tracks...
Apparently they rarely played live but when they did people were left with their mouths open because of the music and the striking visual appearance.
The first single reached no.33 in the charts but the second was a flop and the band split up after it in 1968, it all seemed so quick but actually they started as Beat Five in 1965 and eventually changed their name to Dragonfly in 1967.
Check this footage of the band, watch it all because at the end there's a snippet of Dragonfly live!



Delinquent said...

I LOVE DRAGONFLY! Thanks for posting this, I only have the Celestial Dreams 45, the other one goes for big bucks I'm sure you know. Thanks again!

Devil Dick said...

that is some mighty cool footage! thanx for that!

ufo said...

Great site!
i've never landed here before, the European singles/EP posts are XLNT!
Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Mighty site.....many thanks....

Fantastic footage......and great psyche.......they remind me of Radiohead in bits....I played it to a Radiohead fan... and he was shocked when I said it was late 60's Dutch psyche!

Thakns agin

Sectioned 43

Jay said...

OMG - What IS this TRASH?
This crap sucks, WTF is this junk anyways???

luna9 said...

Hola Aldo, no entiendo como se me paso tu blog jeje.
ya me estoy bajando varios discos.
¿puedo poner tu logo en mis blogs amigos?

aldo said...

Hola Luna9,

come puedes ver el blog es algo viejo, se paró hace 2 años, con la excepción de mi ultimo post sobre KALEIDOSCOPE...pero todo los links Mediafire funcionan.
Por supuesto me puedes agregar, no?
un abrazo