Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Taste of Dutch!

Continuing with our 1968 anniversary...just a quick reminder of how Holland kept releasing great records all through the 60s.
This is my favourite single by the strangely named RO-D-YS.
During 1968 they also released their second and final album "Earnest Vocation" full of quirky and interesting songs, a very different band...
In 1968 The Outsiders switched label and their first record on Polydor was this great single, I particularly like its B-side, later that year they would release the fabulous CQ album.
The Tower only released a couple of singles and this one, their first, is a stunning two-sider, so much so that both sides have appeared in different comps over the years.
The band featured singer songwriter Boudewijn De Groot, a kind of Dutch Donovan, Jay Baar of Q65 on drums (not on their second 45) and Eelco Gelling of Cuby & The Blizzards on guitar! 68.rar

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