Monday, 3 November 2008

The KOOBAS Complete Singles Collection & LIVE 1966!

Isn't it amazing that The Koobas singles have not been the subject of a proper reissue?
Yes, some were added as bonus tracks to their album but as my friend Tulloch said "One of the interesting things about listening to the singles in order is the way they progress from Merseybeat through blue eyed soul (reminding me of the Action) and on to psych-pop, with an unfortunate detour into old-timey stuff with Sally/Champagne And Caviar"...yeah, I wonder what was the idea behind the "Sally" 45.
Still, this is a strong collection that would deserve a nice packaging, the kind of stuff Circle records have been doing for example, maybe one day!
UPDATE 19 May 2011: over a thousand downloads so far...
After I re-posted my almost complete Koobas 45s comp just over a month ago, my call to fill those gaps was answered...check the comments and you'll find another link to a similar but different comp, still incomplete!
So, here it is, thanks to Tulloch from England, the definitive Complete Singles Collection, that apart from ALL their UK sides it includes a rare B-side from a Denmark single only, a cool cover of a tune originally recorded by folk-guitar-hero Bert Jansch, and also two tracks from their album issued as a French 45 only.
Finally,nine LIVE tracks from their two 1966 appearances (Jan & Sept) at the German TV Show BEAT BEAT BEAT, most but not all of these have shown up on youtube (check my first post on Koobas).
01 I Love Her
02 Magic Potion
03 Take Me For A Little While
04 Somewhere In The Night
05 You'd Better Make Up Your Mind
06 A Place I Know
07 Sweet Music
08 Face 1
09 Woe is love my dear
10 Sally
11 Champagne And Caviar
12 Gypsy Fred
13 City Girl
14 The First Cut Is The Deepest
15 Walking Out
16 Where are my friends?
17 Royston Rose Complete Singles.rar

01 Daddy Rollin' Stone
02 Somewhere In The Night
03 Take me for a little while
04 You'd better make up your mind
05 Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
06 Shake
07 Take Me For A Little While (2)
08 You'd Better Make Up Your Mind (2)
09 You Don't Love Me Live 1966.rar


Tulloch said...

Many thanks for posting this Aldo, especially the fab live tracks. If anyone wants the artwork for the singles, they can find it at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fantastic post.


aldo said...

hi Reo,
glad you liked it.
We've finally managed to put together something that's not commercially available and for what i've seen not done before (like for other posts here) doubt it will eventually show up in another blog!

Matt said...

Hey, I've been meaning to say thanks for all the great posts I've heard on your site. I make it a regular stop when I'm online. I've added you to my favorites list on my music blog. Check me out sometime - I think you may be interested in some my posts:

aldo said...

Hi Matt,
I only had a quick look at your blog but I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yahima, you're great !!
A kiss

Simon House

Anonymous said...

Aldo the compilation is good but the tag is horrible !!!
Pista pista pista(di Formula 1)


aldo said...

he left a comment about HIS fantastic singles collection...which wasn't...go back to the previous Koobas post for details...
In fact, it would have been nice to hear from him, since he asked for this, THE COMPLETE singles collection.
Tulloch, from England filled in the gaps and what's been uploaded is the final work put together by him....and
SUSANNA sorry if all you could read was "pista" but it's easy enough to change that, all the tracks are shown in order in the post....

Anonymous said...

Yahima have the good idea for this compilation nothing else and his tags are perfect if you remember..
You have too many rare rock songs ok and no time for finish the file rar, but for me is important the final product too...
Don't worry and gooo with Koobas !!!

Simon House

aldo said...

Dear Simon,

first of all you're quite right, i often don't have the time for tags and bullshit like that...come on, you get all the titles there etc, the music is for free, there are not passwords, link protectors or whatever like in many other blogs...
i think there are too many people out there that are sitting a bit too comfortably and they want it all served on a silver plate (preferably without even saying thank you). Most of the times are just looking for the link and won't read a can just tell by the comments.
Let me also explain that the blog here is trying to do something more than just put up a CD that's in the shops...perhaps the quality is not up to somebody's standards (i've seen that complaint too in other blogs...)and i'm certainly not as high-tec as you...give me an old scratchy 45 anytime!
About our friend Yahima (HELLO?!) it could easily be that he put his comp together before...My first post was in May, I heard from him in Oct...and if you are worried about the final product, i would pay more attention to the content:
his SINGLES comp had LIVE versions of 3 STUDIO songs...tagged perfectly?
I'll let you decide...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sorry, I`m stupid !
I can`t DL the Koobas stuff !
If I copy the link (in various variations, say, with or without the http etc., I`m only sent back to Your blog. What am I doing wrong ?
Please help dumb me, who seems to be alone with that problem...
Thanx !

Anonymous said...

For me (in Italy) the two links are ok...
Thanks for the Live 1966..


aldo said...

Ciao Stefano,

grazie per la tua visita, chiaro che il link funziona, non so che problema avesse avuto l'altra persona...

Anonymous with DL problem:
I'm really not too sure what's been the problem with you, I just hope you sorted it out, the last comment is confirming that the link (mediafire) does work.

johnv said...

Many thanks--I just discovered your blog today while searching for some Koobas music. Your site is awesome!

aldo said...

Hi johnv,

thank you. I just noticed how the Koobas singles have been "repackaged" and posted on another blog too since this post...there was hardly anything around at the time of my first post few months ago, maybe we'll see an official release one day!

wilthomer said...

Brilliant! This might interest you:

JBthehockeyfan said...

Thanks, Aldo, for taking the time to work with a few others to get these tracks out for us to enjoy. Over the years I've spent ample money buying the vinyl and CD reissues of Koobas tracks, but as you note much of this material has never appeared. So this is much appreciated to fill out the listening experience.

Hold your head up,

John Berg
fan in Seattle who put together themusic by TRUTH "Of Them And Other Tales" as released on CD and LP -- and helped on lots of other reissue projects

JBthehockeyfan said...

Thanks for taking the extra time/effort to help get these Koobas tracks out for hard core fans to enjoy. Like many, I've already spent money several times on the "official" vinyl and then CD reissues of the studio tracks, but as you note much of what you've posted is simply unavailable on the various labels. Hold your head up, and enjoy the music!

John Berg in Seattle, a fan who helped put together the TRUTH CD and LP releases and assisted on numerous other reissue projects over the years

aldo said...

hi John,

thanks for your comment.
I read a couple of very positive reviews of TRUTH.
Happy 2010!

Chilean Patagonia

litlgrey said...

Thanks much!