Thursday, 20 November 2008

RE-UPLOAD: Viaggio Allucinogeno, PsYchEdeLiC Italian Trilogy!

Here are the three parts of VIAGGIO ALLUCINOGENO my Lost Psychedelic Italian Trilogy, posted back in June.
Previously unreleased recordings by Gli ASTRALI (Garage/Psych 1967)
Le STELLE di MARIO SCHIFANO (Experimental/Psych 1967)
ARMANDO PIAZZA Suan (Folk/Psych 1972)
This last one has been posted following perhaps the original running order...I'm still not sure...
Check the original posts and comments for more information.
It would be nice to receive more comments.


Anonymous said...

thanks for superbs albums here!nice blog,really

Anonymous said...

hey thank you, I always enjoy your posts.


lobok75 said...

Aldo , thanks very much, you ´re great and have one of the best psychedelics blogs that I have found .The Armando Piazza record is an amzing psychedelic album with a wild psych guitar... the first song is incredible mixing typical melodies pop with psych guitar works. One of the best psychedlics albums that i have discovered this year. Thanks again Aldo.

lobok75 said...

01.-Going into the sunset
03.-In the station
04.-The house on the hill
05.-I met a woman
06.-My friend

I think this is the correct order from the original lp fo Armando Piazza, don´t you?

aldo said...

hola lobok75,

muchisimas gracias y me alegro que te guste SUAN.
Si miras a los comentarios en el post original, alguien que tiene el LP ORIGINAL explica que la secuencia de los temas impresos en la portada no corresponderia a el orden verdadero, lo que se veria en la etiquetas del disco y por supuesto al escucharlo...y Akarma habría seguido el orden que tu indica (el impreso) que fue como yo lo subí la primera vez...
espero que no te enredé demasiado!

Anonymous said...

Do You have "We Five" "Take Each Day As It Comes" album, 1977, AVI 6016. Best regards!

Pep Sonic said...


Gracias lobok por el aviso y mr. aldo por subirlo.

Anonymous said...

Tienes música increible, creo que tu blog y yo seremos mejores amigos :)

Gracias por subir música y compartila con los que sabemos apreciarla.


aldo said...

hola Maca,

muchas gracias por tu comentario de verdad se aprecia mucho aunque sea un simple gracias.
a presto

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

en verdad un gran compilado sobre los chicos pizzeros!
gran seleccion Aldo.
Material de alto vuelo


alessandro said...

thank for this album!!!

discover my new blog


Bell Hamm said...

heres a comment for ya' - WONDERFULL - especially the Armando Piazza - Suan...its always hit and miss with this stuff (like any music really) but its especially nice when i hear something i havent heard before AND enjoy it. i especially enjoyed the comments about the track listing; very funny. was that ever woked out...not that it matters i suppose; its not like im goin say to any of my friends "hey did you ever here that track by Armando Piazza? you know the one, side a track 2 on the Suan." especially to the friends stuck on exploring music only slightly outside their fields of interests which are limited to begin with. but i shall continue to search and enjoy.

aldo said...

Hi Bell Hamm,

many thanks for your comment.
i know what you mean, there are soooo many things being released and everything is supposed to be a lost masterpiece...often coming from distant corners of the world!
but yeah, it's great when you discover something unknown or that matches the hype!
not that long ago i read a review of Suan, there must be a new reissue around...and somehow it confirmed that the original tracklist is not the one released by Akarma, i.e. you'll have a quieter more acoustic side...

Anonymous said...

mil gracias por estas 3 joyas que NO conocia y son asombrosas.