Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wonderful Hungarian 60s Sounds:ILLES RE-UPLOADED!

Here are ILLES best records,"NEHEZ AZ UT" and "ILLESEK ES POFONOK", their second and third album plus a bunch of bonus tracks originally released as singles during 1968-1969. Plenty of great and very original tunes on both LPs, still many of my favourites were only issued as 45s.
One of their greatest track and I imagine being a hit in Hungary is "Igen" from 1966.
I included that and 9 more songs from 1965-1967 in a new link.
You can hear the band finding their own sound and really coming together by the time they recorded "Igen" and the following ones.
Check it out and do leave comments.
See the original posts for more info.
Also still available their first album posted back in March... '68.rar '69.rar

NEW LINK!!! singles 65 67.rar
Tracklist SINGLES Comp 1965-1967:
01 Az Utcan
02 Uzenet Eddynek
03 Kulonos Lany
04 Itt allok egymagam
05 Mindig veled
06 Igen
07 Nyari mese
08 Nem volt soha senkim
09 Kis virag
10 Nem erdekel, amit mondsz

Hope Hungarians will forgive me for not putting the various accents on the above titles...


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first time here and I have to say the Illes singles are brilliant - including track 2, the very credible twangy instrumental with sax solo! As always, it is fascinating to hear pop forms from the US and UK in the hands of musicians steeped in different traditions. I'm looking forward to hearing Illes' later work. Thanks very much for publicizing this great music!

aldo said...

Thank you "anonymous",
several people have downloaded ILLES but it seems they were all left speechless!
great to receive a comment, i love this band!
yes, do listen to their 1968-69 stuff, some of it is truly great!

Steven K said...

Great, great stuff! I can't thank you enough for re-posting this, it was well worth the wait!


aldo said...

Hi Steven,
glad you liked ILLES...
did you watch those clips on youtube too?

simon said...

thanks heaps for this... downloaded all three albums and the singles file. look forward to listening. i've really been digging the stuff on youtube!


aldo said...

i'm sure you'll love the'll be nice to hear from you again once you digested it all!

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload these links. The links are broken. I've been looking for these songs for years. Thanks!

aldo said...

What do you mean by "broken" ?
The links seems to work...

sfdoomed said...

Wow, I haven't heard too much from this band until I saw your link. I watched a few of their old videos on youtube and I'm looking forward to hearing the albums. Thank you for posting these!