Monday, 7 April 2008

The Wonderful Unique Sounds Of ILLES: Illesek Es Pofonok!

As promised here is more from Hungary's ILLES.
This post was possible thanks to my friend Gyula Dudas,who also provided the artwork, all the guessed it...from Hungary!
This album like "Ezek A Fiatalok" doesn't really start with their strongest cut, but be patient and you'll be rewarded!
I reproduce below a review from few years ago, I couldn't agree more with it!

The Journal of British Psychedelia
Issue No.: 13 * Date: Xmas 2002 *
ILLES - 'Illesek Es Pofonok' (Hungary: Qualiton LP, '69)
Hey come back here! So it's from Hungary and sung in Hungarian? Give it a chance! This is the Hungarian Sgt. Pepper. Really! Put through a indigenous folk pop mincer of course, but certainly with enough skewed psychedelic surprises to satisfy the psyche. There are some songs that sound like bouncy ska/ pop adaptations of hoary old Hungarian folk tunes that I have to say, go way over my head. Mostly though, the cultural collision is at least interesting and sometimes pretty mind boggling. Two tracks in particular go for a trance like mystical far eastern vibe that sounds great, and not quite like anything else I've heard, shot through with a vaguely sitar-like instrument of presumably Hungarian origin. There's a fair bit of studio trickery, especially between the tracks and some spoken snippets that could be highly subversive acid humour digs at their communist oppressors. At least that's what I like to think, though of course because I don't understand a word, the lyrics are a blank canvas on which any meaning can be gleefully imposed. My favorite songs here are those that combine equal measures of "Hungarian-ness" with Beatlesque pop to produce music that is both interesting and pretty damn catchy. When you find yourself singing Hungarian in the shower you know something's got under your skin. The sleeve must have caused the Art Dept. at Qualiton to mutter and grumble under their breath about decadent capitalistic excesses, being a multi-coloured pop-art gatefold pop-up job. There was even an insert featuring a 'Yellow Submarine'-style rendering of the band in the same garish colours as the sleeve. As far as I can work out this should be cut out, folded origami style, made into a tube and then placed upright on the label of the record as it spins on the turntable thereby creating a low budget psychedelic movie show to accompany the music.
1.Újra itt van
2.Lehetett volna
3.A kugli
4.Emlékszem, esténként
5.Történet M.-ről
6.A beérkezett levelekre válaszolva
7.Keresem a szót
8.Igérd meg
9.Téged vár
10.Reklám úr
11.Oh, kisleány
13.Lusta vagyok
14.Két év nem sok
16.Nem akarok allni
17.Rockandroll Rezi



Dmitrich said...

Thanks. I, perhaps, shall take it. I have the rest... Today, upload 2 Hungarian groups. Welcome.

litlgrey said...

There is no more shareonall - might you be able to repost the two Illes LPs, please?

aldo said...

hi litlgrey,

check October 2008, you will find mediafire links for ILLES .