Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Scorpions: Brits in Holland, 1965 -1966!

While at times it’s been assumed The Scorpions were a Dutch band they actually came from Manchester. They formed in 1961 and moved to Holland in July 1964. They released several singles in different European countries with Holland and Germany being the main ones.
In Holland they had 3 albums released (4 if you count the two versions of the second LP).
Their first LP “Hello Josephine” was named after their biggest hit, released as a single at the end of 1964. The album is made up of their first 5 singles released between August 1964 and January 1965 and a couple of extra numbers. While lacking in original material there’s a lot of energy and excitement in the performances, with a great original song “Baby back now” saved until the end of the record.
On their second album “ Climbing the Charts” (also released as “Sweet & Lovely”) there is one of their very best song, “Hey Honey” that has been covered many times since the eighties by bands like The Tell-Tale Hearts and The Thanes among others.
It was first released as the B-side of “Greensleeves” a big hit for the band and recorded by the original line-up.
By the time of this second album though, only a couple of the original members were left.
Due to problems with working permits the line-up kept changing and in 1966 they released a final album “Keep in touch with…” together with 3 singles. It’s my least favourite album showing like many other groups of the time a “new” Soul direction but also including a Fab original, “Too many lovers” also the B-side of their final single.
German picture sleeve

Here are those three Dutch albums which is virtually everything they recorded including all their singles sides.


Anonymous said...

Many thankx, i never heard this great garage beat band.

cocoloco said...

Thankx for this. Really fantastic. Too many lovers is top ten.

Anonymous said...

Hello friend, Could you re-upload the albums of The Scorpions, especialy "Keep in touch" this album is a missing link in my collection. I would be very happy if you do. Thanks

JimBeam said...

ditto about the repost... “Keep in touch with…” is impossible to find even to buy

thescorpionsuk said...

If anybody wants a copy of "Keep in Touch with the Scorpions", please get in touch with me. We also recorded "My Own Way to Rock" in 1978 and "The Scorpions Now" in 2007.

Graham Lee,
The Scorpions UK

Phil miskelly said...

Graham Lee, I've lost your phone number--Murphy.

Pauline said...

View the new Scorpions website at