Monday, 7 April 2008

The Druids Of Stonehenge LIVE FOOTAGE!!!

I decided to put these two clips up since I read some recent comments from original Druids here
Druids of Stonehenge LIVE!!!

The band is having a reunion concert "in NYC (at a club called Havana Central) -- some time on the weekend of April 26/27." according to Tom Paine Workman.
About these performances Carl J. Hauser says "The experience on the Joe Franklin show was just another Spinal-Tap-like Druidic cut-up. we did that after we came back from our soujourn in San Francisco...
At that point I moved over to rhythm guitar and we were *really* good. David and I were writing great songs (most were never recorded) and Elliott was a GREAT soloist..."
Druids Of Stonehenge LIVE!!! (Part 2)

"Then some bright-eyed assistant producer got the 'old meets new' idea (..OF COURSE!) and they told us we could do one of our songs (Mumsey) if we'd also do "God bless the child". Now we all loved Billie Holiday, but that's no song for a rock and roll band (as later proved by BS&T's BUTCHERY of it.) So we decided to "Paint it Black" in protest. It was all live TV in those days, so we just DID IT. I can remember the look on Joe Franklin's face to this day. I think if there'd been a couple of peanuts on his desk his wig would have jumped off and ate 'em"

Sundazed has recently released a 10" with some great versions of "Who do you love", "Baby please don't go", "I put a pell on you" and "Pretty Thing" recorded in November 1965 when they were still simply the Druids.
There are also 3 tracks recorded later that did not show up on their lone album.
Meanwhile here are those performances, I'm sure you'll all agree that's GREAT stuff that makes you wishing there was more but then again...I never thought I would see this!


Fischlipps said...

Mmmmmmm! Who's the one with the long hair who's dressed like a pirate? He's totally hot! Jemimah

Anonymous said...

Could you please send me that 'Mumsy' file? My 14 y-old daughter will never believe it. DON'T send the 'God bless.." Some people I know might black-mail me. Thanks. Carl Hauser

Anonymous said...

Cool videos. Thankx for this.

rob said...

Wow! Viva 60s years!!!!

Stephen said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Steve Tindall (the drummer) made the drums I am still playing on (I bought them in 1967). What a treat to actually see him play.

aldo said...

hi Stephen,

it is only now that I read your comment...are you playing with...?

Aline Luz said...