Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Rokes Wonderful Sike Sides

The Rokes really need no introduction (check their official site and for more info).


Well, if you are new to them...These four Brits settled in Italy as early as 1963 and lasted until 1970, releasing four albums and several 45s among the most successful and better remembered there.
Most songs were recorded in Italian (all the hits) and some were re-recorded and released for the UK and US market.


Perhaps my very favourite since I discovered it years ago on one of those great Incredible Sound Show Stories comps is "When the wind arises" originally released in Italian by I Dik-Dik.
The Rokes version is far superior adding a real psychedelic touch to it.

The aim of this post is to collect just a handful of similar psych pop gems (or call them what you like!) that are probably among the least known of the band and some of my favourites.

1. Passing Thru Grey (unreleased 1966)
2. Hold my hand (1967)
3. I'll change my papers (1967)
4. Watch the children play (1967)
5. Ripe Apples (1968)
6. Telegram for Miss Marygold (1968)
7. When the wind arises (1968)

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LinkJr said...

Thank you very much for these Rokes tracks they are great and rare! i loved the track when the wind arises when i heard it on the tektites comp, would love to hear the original version

aldo said...

What comp?
See, the first time i heard a version of this song, "Il Vento" was through a clip of I DIK DIK doing it live and i thought better than their recorded version, virtually an original written by the famous composer team Mogol-Battisti.
LUCIO BATTISTI did a version too, possibly just before DIK DIK's...
but hey check this out (not the clip i meant though)

tijit said...

I know i'm horribly late, but could you re-up these tracks? "When the wind arises" is one of my new favourites. The link is set to their something i'm missing?
Thank you,
- blunderspublik

aldo said...

hi tijit,

it should be ok now.
I love the track too and also posted it on my DIVE INTO YESTERDAY1968 comp, (see archives).

I might post the original Italian version for you.

watch this space!

aldo said...

Here's a link for the "original" version of "When The Wind Arises", called "Il vento" (The Wind),recorded by the band I DIK-DIK in 1968, one of the most popular Beat Groups of Italy.
It was written by singer/songwriter LUCIO BATTISTI, who also recorded it for his first solo LP in 1969. vento.rar

Inti Comunicação Visual said...

I´m from Brazil and i´m posting an adress from a site that i made for the Rokes. Hope you enjoy!

I liked very much this blog

aldo said...

Sorry Inti,
it's only now 4 months later that I read your comment and there's nothing anymore at that address you gave me...