Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Beat Groups and early Psychedelic steps in 1960s Chile

A homemade compilation of some of the best efforts from the dawn of Chile`s Beat & Psychedelic scene....

Including rare tracks by Los Vidrios Quebrados and Los Mac's apart from a couple of songs from their mighty albums "Fictions" and "Kaleidoscope Men" rightly recognised as the best from 1960s Chile.
Also featured are The Apparition, Beat 4, some of the punkiest stuff from Los Jockers plus other curiosities...

In my opinion many of those that managed to record whole albums very often had left us with inconsistent records but not without some nice surprises. At times you wonder what could have been achieved given the right conditions, too often bands had to follow what the label/producer told them...silly covers...too little time to record etc

Los Vidrios Quebrados totally uncompromising attitude means that are virtually unknown in Chile but on the other hand their recorded legacy stands well above everyone else's.

Others like Apparition that only recorded a bunch of 45s if they're mentioned at all it's because of their guitarist Eduardo Gatti, later of Los Blops and a very well known musician in Chile to this day. Their two best sides are included.To those of you who read Spanish and wish to learn more about all these groups and others I strongly recommend a wonderful book "Se oyen los pasos" by Gonzalo Planet, a second edition was launched in December 2007 and for the occasion, Matorral, for whom Gonzalo plays bass, played the whole of "Fictions" with none other than original Vidrios Quebrados' vocalist Juan Mateo O'Brien!
"Fictions" had originally been released 40 years earlier...

Also thanks to the many great blogs on the net these days you can actually find a lot of the original albums that are not available on the market by Beat 4, Sicodelicos etc and you might agree or not with me about the whole result. Many of the best blogs will offer info, pics etc it's not simply a way of getting free music and in some cases you can talk about real music libraries!

The aim of this post is to offer you the very best of Chilean 60s Beat and I feel you could actually get a very different picture if you were to judge it by this comp only!
This is NOT what was popular back in the 60s, Chilean airwaves being dominated by the "Nueva Ola" usually very tame and innofensive Pop ballads sung in Spanish.
I hope you'll enjoy it and comment on it!

01 Mac's Tension extrema
02 Jockers Psychotic reaction
03 Apparition Before I met her
04 Beatniks So mystifing
05 Jockers Little girl
06 Picapiedras Amor salvaje
07 Mac's what kind of feeling
08 Beat 4 Pobre gato
09 VidriosQuebrados She'll never Know I'm Blue
10 Apparition That girl
11 Mac's Guide me to your life
12 Beatniks The world keeps going round
13 Mac's You better make up your mind
14 Jockers Yo te quiero
15 Mac's Connection
16 VidriosQuebrados Miss L.O'B Spring
17 Sicodelicos Solo tu nombre puede cortar las flores
18 Beat 4 Esta, mi primera
19 Beat 4 Lo que sera
20 Mac's Degrees
21 Beat 4 Abandonado igual que tu
22 VidriosQuebrados Inside your eyes
23 Sicodelicos Cual es el nombre de esto
24 Picapiedras Luvin
25 Masters Junto al martirio
26 Mac's El amor depues de los 20 aƱos
27 Picapiedras Presentimiento
28 VidriosQuebrados Friend
29 Beatniks Ring the bells
30 Beat 4 Todo termina

All tracks were released in 1967 except 9 & 28 in 1966, 3, 10, 13, 15, 17, 23 & 25 in 1968.


Pollux said...

Hola Aldo... mucha psicodelia en tu blog... jaja
Tal vez no me ubicas por el nick, pero hemos compartido la faena turstica en chacabuco. Hace tiempo que ya no speak in english.
Saludos viejo...
pd: podrias subir algunas caricaturas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this and all the other posts! Killer stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hola Aldo

Muchas gracias para el articulo en Ugly Things.

El link no functiona ahora.

Se puede resubir por favor?


Marc (Canada)

aldo said...

Hi Marc,

I believe you'll find here the perfect soundtrack to go with that article in UT, there's a NEW LINK I posted in August....other files were re-posted recently.

Anonymous said...

Hola Aldo


I had found the other link, in fact, but mediafire doesn't work for me, for some reason. Starts, then drops before completing.

Not to worry though, I found most of the songs on numerous other posts, so I was able to re-compile the compilation myself from those other files... mostly.

There is one song I can't find anywhere though. It's "Lo que sera" by Los Jockers.

What is that and where is it from?

I have files for their three LPs, but I don't see it among the titles on those...

Or did you mean "Lo que sera" by Beat 4??

Also for Beat 4 I found "Abandonados igual que tu" on Boots a Go-Go, but not "Abandonado igual que siempre"
Is this the same song?

Muchas gracias!

Marc (Canada)
waxhound [at]

Anonymous said...

Hola Aldo

Marc again. I just found the same comp posted by Jose here:


Marc (Canada)

aldo said...

Hi Marc,
glad you found it elsewhere...I have to say it though, it's pissing me off a bit since NO CREDIT AT ALL is given in the other blog...In fact some other guy is thanked as if it was his contribution!
Initially I had most on Shareonall, precisely to give people more than one choice, then that collapsed...i'm not too much of an expert, funny that mediafire doesn't work for you...if it works down here in Patagonia!?
"Lo que sera" by Los Jockers is from their 2nd LP...And the Beat 4 one is the same track...i must've fucked up the title!

aldo said...

this post has been on for months and lots of people have downloaded it, but it was you that spotted those mistakes...the main one being that TRACK 19 IS BY LOS BEAT 4, at their "Jockermost" fair enough, but it's them alright!

Anonymous said...

Hola Aldo

I thought it might bug you that someone else was credited...

You can always rectify that in a comment!

On the positive side, it means more people might come across this great Chilean music! (albeit with mistakes in the listing on sanjose72...


Marc desde Canada

Ryan Shepard said...

Please consider reposting this - it looks fantastic, and I'm very sorry to have missed it!

aldo said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your interest and for stopping by.
Had you look a bit more thoroughly you would have noticed I re-posted few things during the last months of last year.
The links should be working, find this one under the month of August.
You might also want to check out my other comps on Colombia and Venezuela.
Let me know how you liked it.

gyula said...

Hi Aldo, I have found you here. Nice musics....
Best regards, your friend, Gyula