Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Five Travellers French EP, The Olympic in disguise...

This is a request...to Jean Bernard in France, hope you enjoy it!
For more on the Czech band the Olympic search through my archives...
When I started this blog I began using shareonall that soon disappeared...and all my files too!
Most was reposted and all mediafire links are working, just copy and paste them on your browser, that's the trick, ok?

So here is this great EP that Olympic released under a pseudonym to coincide with their visit to France in 1968, a very eventful year particularly in France (remember May 1968) and Czechoslovakia (Russian tanks ending the "Prague Spring").


a separate link for the other tracks from the original post from May 2008(check it out for details)
Also you may want to check the astonishingly fabulous European Discography Page (see cool links)


JeanBernardFrance said...

Many thanks for this repost.It will make a great pleasure to Patick from PARIS who made me discover the group.

Anonymous said...

bentornato Aldo (non so se solo nel mondo dei bloggers o anche fisicamente in Italia)

cmq sono proprio contento e spero che riesci a strerrare tanti goileilli rari tipo l'EP dei 5 Travellers

un salutone da Milano!

aldo said...

Ciao MichaelVee,

sono stato in Italia quasi un mese tra luglio e agosto, peró son di nuovo qui in Cile.
Con tantissimi blogs non so che tanto continueró, peró diciamo che non é morto...

un abrazo